Thursday, June 11, 2009

Help Sarah ride against rape

Right now, rape is at an all-time high in areas of Sub-Saharan Africa where large concentrations of Sudanese refugees are seeking shelter from the crisis in Darfur. A great number of these rapes occur when women venture outside of the camps, in places such as Congo and Chad, to get firewood. Rape is used as a political tool as well as a means of demoralizing and socially degrading women.

One local Raleigh high school student has said "no more!" and is taking action to provide these women with protection. Sarah Cheshire is setting out on a coast-to-coast bike ride to raise money for Genocide Intervention Network's civilian protection program. She begins in Charleston, S.C., and with your help she will make it all the way to San Diego, CA.

For more information on how to sponsor Sarah and provide real protection to women threatened by rape, contact Sarah at [scheshire AT  cfsnc DOT org]. The deadline for raising money is June 15 – so act quickly!