Friday, June 18, 2010

Has Obama forgotten Darfur?

Has Obama forgotten Darfur? This thought-provoking question is posed by Nick Kristoff in his latest op-ed in the New York Times.

This is a must-read reminder that Darfur is "still a crime scene" and that violence is steadily increasing. I will admit, I've enjoyed the lull in violence and let my own mind wander from this conflict. A bit of me wants peace so bad that it celebrates the "no news is good news" policy. Well, Kristoff reminds us that in the case of Darfur, no news does not mean good news - it just means we are ignoring the news and forgetting about the situation.

We need to wake up to the impending violence with the upcoming vote in Southern Sudan on independence. I pledge to not forget Darfur, not forget Sudan and not to forget my friends and their families.

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