Saturday, May 06, 2006

NEWS: Sudan may accept UN troops

This is once again a promising step towards the reclamation of the lives of these people. For months, the Sudanese government has rejected the notion of foreign UN troops on its soil. The fact that they say it is now possible is very good - but we all know that words are far different from actual actions. This conflict has a history of failed peace deals and two of the rebel groups still have not signed this latest one.

UN troops are desperately needed and so is international pressure. The stakes are EXTREMELY high right now and if we ease the pressure, we are permitting more deaths to occur. We must continue to put pressure on the US and UN to lead the way to take care of the 2.5 million displaced people. Go to to participate in the Million Voices for Darfur Campaign.

U.N. troops all clear for Darfur

Find this encouraging article by clicking here.


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