Friday, July 14, 2006

Barbaro vs. 400,000 humans

The emotional saga of Barbaro, the Kentucky Derby-winning worse who
injured himself in the Preakness, continues as he has developed a
"life-threatening infection." His doctor said his outlook is "poor"
but as long as the horse is not suffering, he will do whatever he can
to keep Barbaro alive.

Meanwhile, the "world's worst humanitarian crisis" is happening in
Darfur and no one is taking notice. Every major media outlet covers
Barbaro updates, but rarely do they chronicle the latest going on in
Eastern Chad and Darfur. This situation is worsening, my friends are
starving to death or being killed. Hundreds more of them are forced
to become refugees each day. Their suffering is real. Their
suffering is intense.

Barbaro is an animal being treated like a human being. The people of
Darfur are humans being treated as animals. Why is it that we are
more concerned about the fate of one horse versus the fate of 400,000
men, women and children?

Stand up for justice. Stand up for Darfur. Stand up for my friends.

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