Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Welcome Among World readers

Today the article I wrote for Among Worlds, the magazone for adult
Third Culture Kids, hits mailboxes around the world. It is my hope
that what I wrote from the heart will spur fellow adult TCKs to think
about the crisis in Darfur, evaluate your role in world events and
perhaps even prompt some of you to lend a voice to the voiceless.

If you read the article, feel free to post a comment here in response.
Don't worry, all comments are welcome even if you disagree!



globalnomad said...

Hi Scott, Just read your article in Among Worlds, and I really liked what you had to say. It is obviously something very close to your heart. I do, however, disagree with your statement that as a fellow TCK I have responsibility for saving Darfur. The world is a big place and although I've been exposed to more of it than many others, I can't possibly take every crisis under my wing. I grew up in SE Asia, and there are more than enough problems in that region for me to care about. But I totally agree with your call to all TCKs to speak out for the people we grew up amongst, wherever in the world that might be. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Scott, I also just read your article in Among Worlds. It is true that we, as TCK's, have a unique perspective on real and awful situations in the world that other folks seem to miss or missinterpret situations. I like to think of TCK's as bridge-people; we live in-between but touch both sides and we have the capability of realisticly guiding our friends from one side to the other. Each TCK bridge ends in a different place and we can collectively make use of that broad destination to educate, inform, inspire, and enable our landed friends to step out and help be that bridge or even go to the other side if nescessary. I thank you for your passion and I thank you for not forgetting or neglecting your friends. No, we won't solve all the world's problems but we can at least work at it where we know best. Thank you.
--A TCK from a "Least Developed Country"--