Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Moving to NC - staying strong in activism

In the time that I have not been writing on this blog, I have been uprooting my life in Florida and moving to North Carolina. The move was made for work and life issues - not for Darfur activism - but it will certainly help. A whole new world of opportunities are now available and I am eager to get started. In Florida I had almost exhausted all my opportunites in my area for raising awareness. I spoke at Stetson University and the University of Florida, two benefit concerts, conducted media interviews and had several editorials published. The Triangle area of NC is close to several active universities, large media markets and a more vibrant social activism scene.

In the meantime, I have been staying abreast of the issues, developments and heart-wrenching violence that is continuing to spill over into my old streets. In fact, an email I received from a friend over there said it was the worst period of chaos and fear that she has seen in her 18 years in Chad. When this battle-hardened woman says this, you KNOW that the situation is really bad.

I am looking for any way to spread the word, share my life stories and most importantly, raise awareness about my friends who are dying in Darfur. If you are interested in chatting with me, email

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