Monday, January 29, 2007

A small step for the AU, one giant leap for my friends...

This week, the African Union denied Sudan the priviledge of being the AU's leader for this upcoming year. This comes after Sudan had unofficially been promised the position last year. All eyes were on the AU to see what they would do and thankfully they made a smart decision.

To put Sudan in charge of the AU (who in turn is in charge of protecting the Darfur civilians being killed by the Sudan governement) would be like electing the head of the mafia to be the town's police chief. Or like nominating Osama Bin Laden to be the Chief Judge on the Human Rights Tribunal. Placing a dictator/chief of state (you pick) whose regime is actively and passively supporting the calculated extermination of its own people in charge of a peacekeeping organization would be disaster.

The AU is a fledgling organization, which in my opinion, holds the best hope for Africa's future. The only way it will ever have the influence and credibility needed to unite Africa, rebuild Africa and move Africa forward is if it takes a firm stance on Darfur. The AU must lead the charge against genocide, proving Africans are capable of caring for their own brothers and sisters and are committed to ending the war.

The road ahead in Darfur is long and difficult for the AU, but by denying Sudan the presidency, it made sure at least it stayed on the right path for now. This small gesture by the AU now will have a huge in the future.

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