Monday, April 02, 2007

Local media coverage

I could go hoarse screaming at the top of my lungs and still not reach the sheer number of people that the media can. An article in a paper or 20 seconds on TV is so important to saving my friends as the media often "set the agenda" for what people talk about. Getting the media to take notice of Darfur is step one in a global awareness campaign.

To this end, it was encouraging to see a local newspaper journalist at last Sunday's community panel discussion on Darfur. Although this event was not well attended by members of the community, the resulting article reached across many communities and onto the doorsteps of more people than I could ever do in one day.

To read the article in the Chapel Hill Herald, click here.


Erik said...

If you can, post pictures on the blog (especially before/now). I've done a bunch of Katrina relief work and when it comes to getting people to help, pictures work far better than words.

Anonymous said...

Great to read your blog Scott.Keep the flag for Chad and Darfur flying. Pauline