Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Event: Drinks for Darfur

I spend a great deal of time learning about the crisis engulfing my friends in Darfur and sharing my experiences with my friends in America. Now, we finally get to have some action to go along with this talk. The Interfaith Council for Sudanese Peace is hosting a multi-location fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 27 in the Triangle of North Carolina.

Named "Drinks for Darfur," the Council has partnered with restaurants and bars in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham and Cary to raise awareness and money. This event will allow people to enjoy going out and socializing with friends while supporting a good cause. I personally will be at Tir Na Nog restaurant in Raleigh, NC, where we will have a private screening of "The Devil Came on Horseback" along with other activities.

I know it seems a bit ironic to have an event that involves merriment and food to raise funds for people who are starving and suffering. However, any little bit helps and if this is what it takes to have an impact on the crisis - then so be it. I encourage you to spread the word and come out yourself to support Drinks for Darfur. More information on the events can be found on Click here for more information.

What: Drinks for Darfur - Raleigh
When: Saturday, Sept. 27 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Tir Na Nog, 218 S. Blount St, Raleigh
How Much: $10 cover
Who: Anyone and everyone who cares about Darfur and enjoys a good night out.

See you there.

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