Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We’re #1!

This is one race you don't want to win. Forbes Magazine today released the list of the world's most corrupt countries and guess which one made a return to the top? Yep, Chad. Check out the story by clicking here.

Chad even beat out its genocide-promoting neighbor, Sudan, to take top honors. My quick takes on this news:

  • This explains why a country rolling in oil money can still not afford to pay its teachers and doctors.
  •  From my experience, the rural populations are so marginalized, do they even realize they are being conned out of all this money?
  • It's a sad day when the only way to succeed is by cheating and bribing – this turns even good people bad.
  •  How does this affect the large humanitarian presence in Chad? Are the UN, World Relief, Doctors without Borders, etc playing along with corruption (justifying the means for the end) or are they taking a stand?

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