Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The creative side of this blog

I write this blog not only to provide the occasional commentary on world events pertaining to Darfur, but also to share the stories of life in Darfur as I knew it before the genocide began. My hope is that these creative pieces will grab your attention and make you want to learn more about this region and its wonderful people. They are all based on real life events or people I knew as I lived and played in Eastern Chad.

To save you the trouble of scrolling through years of posts, here is a list of some of my more creative pieces:
How to eat a Mango
Arrival: Part 1
Arrival: Part 2
A Night Without Gunfire
Nighttime Ritual
Evacuation Is Not An Option
The Water Boys
When Is A Chicken Worth Its Weight In Gold?
A Tale of Two Girls
How To Catch A Bat

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