Monday, August 24, 2009

Strong, balanced policy needed for Sudan

It’s been nearly seven years since the Darfur genocide began. Fortunately, the conflict continues to garner much-needed attention worldwide. This is in large part due to the unprecedented number of Americans and dedicated elected officials like U.S. Representatives Brad Miller and David Price who have refused to give up on the people suffering there.

President Obama stated on March 18th that “Sudan is a priority for this Administration,” yet the Administration has failed to demonstrate the sense of urgency and executive attention that is necessary to distinguish Sudan as a true priority. The Administration has yet to release a long-overdue policy review of Sudan and has appeared focused more on rewards for the Government of Sudan instead of a balanced approach that includes punitive measures for continued intransigence. The release of an appropriately balanced policy review would help to alleviate fears that the United States will squander its leverage on continued broken promises from Khartoum.

As Senators, President Obama, Vice-President Joseph Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were three of the strongest advocates for Sudan, but now that they are in the Administration we have yet to see them live up to their promises to prioritize peace in Sudan.

Sudan Now, an ad campaign coming out this week in several major news outlets, calls on Obama, Biden and Clinton to keep the promises that they’ve made to the people of Sudan. The release of the policy review on Sudan is expected within days. Obama, Biden and Clinton must take this opportunity to become a part of the process; weighing in to ensure that the policy matches up with their rhetoric. More information on the campaign can be found by visiting

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