Monday, January 25, 2010

State of the Union: Will Obama mention genocide?

As a Triangle resident who grew up in Sudan, I won’t be drinking shots every time President Obama says “jobs” as I watch this week’s State of the Union address. Nor will I scrutinize every word for subtle signs of socialism. I will be looking for a young president to live up to his campaign promises of change as it pertains to the most egregious of all crimes: genocide.

President Obama has chosen to deliver his first State of the Union Address on same day as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This provides him with an incredible opportunity to be the first president to declare a commitment and plan to abolish genocide.

Further, President Obama should specifically call on the nation and the world to redouble its efforts to prevent atrocities and bloody war in Sudan. Prevention is easier and cheaper than intervention.

So - what are the odds that Obama mentions genocide during his address?

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