Saturday, April 03, 2010

March Madness in Sudan

In North Carolina, there's no mistaking what March Madness means. The fervor of basketball fans pushing their favorite teams to victory surrounds and seduces us all. In Sudan, March Madness stands for the craziness of pushing forward with elections already marred by bloodshed and opposition boycotts. The Sudanese elections coming in April are close to being a complete sham and sending the region back into violence and chaos. For all the warning signs, the Obama Administration has remained remarkably muted.

It is increasingly critical that Congress and the Administration pay closer attention to the situation in Darfur, ensure to their greatest ability that the national elections are free and fair, and pressure the International Criminal Court to hold al-Bashir accountable for crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity. Rep. Brad Miller and Sen. Richard Burr need to step up and be leaders in this area. They’ve been briefed on the Obama Administration’s Sudan Policy, issued in late 2009, and are in a position of influence.

So as this year’s March Madness wraps up, let’s work together to ensure that people around the world have the freedom to cheer on their favorite teams and political leaders to victory without fear of violence.

Pick-up the phone and dial 1-800-GENOCIDE on Monday, April 5, and we’ll connect you with your Senators and Representatives. Tell Congress and the Obama Administration that the situation in Sudan cannot be ignored for much longer.

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