Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day - a day that the UN has set aside to bring a spotlight to the suffering of the millions of refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in the world.

Please, take a moment and read CNN's special coverage. They have done a good job of bringing stories to life for Americans. Click here to read a poignant commentary by CNN's chief African correspondant.

We must continue to fight for the rights, dignity and respect of all people and stand up against injustice. Please get involved, please support an agency and please save my friends.

Last month, Deputy Secretary Zoellick aided in brokering a peace agreement - an important first step. Yet with hundreds of thousands in Darfur already dead, millions more displaced and many at risk every day, we must continue to press for a solution.

That is why we are asking President Bush to appoint a special US envoy to the region and to press for a UN peacekeeping force to be on the ground in Darfur no later than October. We cannot wait any longer!

Join us in asking President Bush:

-To push for a UN force for Darfur;
-To strengthen African Union troops already in Darfur until the UN arrives;
-To continue supporting humanitarian assistance programs in Darfur; and
-To appoint a special envoy to coordinate US policy in the region.

Click here to email President Bush today. Today is World Refugee Day today - a day set aside to remember the millions of refugees around the globe - and now is the time to remind President Bush of the plight of Darfur's 2.5 million refugees.


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